Design/Concept Phase

TeleOne meets with its clients to develop a concept of their desired service objective.  This could range from the deployment of a small campus network to a large, major metropolitan area city network(s).  The coverage and customer service business case is developed.  TeleOne will work to develop the appropriate cost models that lead up to a decision to design a system.  We can from this point sell a turnkey system or work to partner in whatever best suits the situation.

Field Engineering  

TeleOne personnel would travel to the desired service locations, perform the necessary informational acquisition of sites, terrain analysis and other factors relevant to the paper engineering of a system that would accomplished the predetermined objectives of the customer.

Final System Design

The acquired product of the Field Engineering step would be integrated into a final plan for deployment, site acquisitional services if required; ultimately leading up to the sales gate along with making the network operational.

Installation of Network and Performance Testing

The final step would be to install and perform the necessary network optimization to provide the turnover of a turnkey system to the customer.  This would result in the customer being able to market on the network and begin sales.


TeleOne Wireless
The Subscriber Module (SM) is a wireless device that connects directly to a computer or a Hub/Router that supports a 10/100 base-T interface.